G. Niblock on the L41 TipSUP Noserider. Photo: J. Chandler

Saturday, February 5, 2011

28 Degrees of Difference

Friday February 4, 2001
All it took was 28 degrees. 28 points of shifted swell direction from West to West-Northwest scrubbed off enough wave energy (even at almost the same wave hts. and periods) to make Friday's surf a mere shadow of Thursday's epic session.

I was hoping for a redux, but not really expecting it. But you never really know what the ocean's going to throw at you until you're there, eyes on the prize, skin in the sea as it were. I paddled out at three and could immediately see and sense that it just wasn't it's best own self. S'alright, I got a chance to play around with the new video cam. After today's vid one of two things are happening, or both. When the surf isn't as energized, it's easier to shoot and therefore I can get more material. Ergo, longer videos suffering from a lack of proper editing, i.e. too much boring stuff. Or, I hope I'm getting better at capturing more usable material. Well, the music is finger lickin' guitar pickin' good, if you like Chet Atkins. If you don't, better check your passport because it probably wasn't issued in the USofA.

Dave got a sweet ride right in front of me on the way out which I captured on SD card. I headed upreef to where it was less crowded and that nice little reef section was working, throwing up the challenge to "make me if you can". I spent the rest of the afternoon until dusk taking that challenge. What with the smaller size and energy, the spankings weren't all that bad, more informative than disciplinarian, but educational just the same. It gave me a chance to try re-entries on the L41 SIMSUP which is one of the funnest moves. Fortunately the SIMSUP will generate enough speed to make the move possible. Now all I gotta do is practice, practice, practice.

Two and a half hours later I closed the session out with a long ride from my spot into the pocket beach. A long and rare connection for this afternoon's surf and conditions. Wayne and I enjoyed a blazing sunset fading to dark as we changed out of our wetsuits on the street. Another sweet day in the L41.

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