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Sunday, May 2, 2010

SUP Comin' Up!

Stand Up Paddleboards are coming into their own. Perhaps the fastest growing board sport in the world, SUPs are being used for surfing, racing, river running, fishing, flat water paddling, competition and just for fun...pleasure paddling and sightseeing.

No where is this explosive growth more evident than in the myriad of SUP races that have sprung up all over the world. And people of all ages are getting into it in a big way. The story below chronicles the recent 2010 Sarento’s/Kai Wa’a Maui to Molokai race, which was won by 15 year old Connor Baxter. These open ocean races are not limited strictly to the progressive SUP riders of Hawaii. Check out our own local downwind rough water races, set to be paddled on May 8 (WCDR I) and May 22 (WCDR II) and Davenport Landing to Cowells on June 5.

Story: Ke Nalu - Connor Baxter's Maui to Molokai

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