G. Niblock on the L41 TipSUP Noserider. Photo: J. Chandler

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Angulo Race Boards Demo Day

On Friday May 6 I had the opportunity to demo four Angulo Designs distance/race SUPs. Thanks to Kyle and Whitty for going out of their way to set up a demo day just for me. We met at the SC Harbor and paddled in the calm water of the harbor first before venturing into the open ocean. This was a good paddle which included harbor flat water and choppy ocean.

The 14' Angulo Shaka is the foundational all-around distance/downwind/expedition board, and everyone I talked to that owns one loves it. It's stable and steady. The other three boards are hot off the press so to speak, super light carbon prototypes that are soon to go into production. Angulo Designs is also working on a very innovative option for buyers that would allow them to receive a custom race board built exactly to their needs and specifications at a very attractive price point. Stay tuned to the Angulo Designs website for more on this.

The Angulo Designs team has a lot going on these days in terms of new boards and advanced shapes. Ed is not one to ever stand still, always thinking and coming up with better and better designs. You can check it all out and contact the Angulo Team on Facebook, Angulo SUP and the Angulo Designs website.

Angulo Demo 5-7-2011 from Srfnff on Vimeo.


  1. Nice detailed review. The Tiger Shaka 14 looks sweet. Super light, did it have any flex to it?

  2. More than the Shaka for sure, but we're talking two completely different types of construction materials. In the flat water the TS flies. It would be fast in rougher conditions too but the light weight makes it harder to stay on. When it get chunkadelic, experience is necessary.

  3. Gary & Kyle: you guys did an awesome job explaining the Shaka and Tiger Shaka series from Angulo Designs.
    Lets point out a couple key features that we all need to keep in mind while studying race boards
    *The weights on these carbon race boards are incrediably light
    *Matching the sizes of the board to the rider's profile is the key to this series
    *With two constructions available, this allows the rider to blend weight, strength, and price which will result in the perfect "arrow" for their quiver
    *Try before you buy, that's the Gu'd way to get it right the first time.

    Real Gu'd or just good enough? It's SUP2U


  4. Good points Whit. "Try before you buy" is the mantra for spreading the Angulo way of SUP Love. Anyone who is interested in moving up in SUP from an already owned board or getting started in this great sport would be selling themselves short if they didn't seriously check out the Angulo Team. I know you guys are rockin' so keep up the good work and thanks!