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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Viva Mexico Chapter 2 Sayulita Life

Life in Sayulita was good. How could it not be good? On vacation, no schedules to meet, no deadlines, just surf, knock around and have a good time. The videos that follow are vignettes, small little slices of life in and around Sayulita.

We greatly enjoyed Mexico. All the Mexicans we met were wonderful from the lady who sold us our almost daily purchase of tamales to David the caretaker and grounds keeper at Los Almendos without whom we could have easily missed our flight home due to a time change in Nayarit we knew nothing about.

Many people are afraid to travel to Mexico because of all the drug business that dominates the headlines regarding Mexico. But we think the Puerto Vallarta area is one of the safest places in Mexico, if not the world, to travel, vacation and enjoy. The area is one of the economic engines of the Mexican tourist industry and the government has a vested interest in keeping it safe and viable for travellers from throughout the world.

Sayulita also has it's shares of American and Canadian expats who either live there permanently, or for most of the dry season when the weather is best. All the of these folks were very friendly and quick to offer advice and make recommendations of the good places to visit.

In short, we would go back to Sayulita tomorrow. Viva Mexico!

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