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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Brighton To Sewers Channel 6.6 Mile RT

July 27, 2011
Big Dave and I teamed up for a 6.6 mile round trip from New Brighton via the low route to the Sewer Peak Channel, out and around the kelp bed and a fairly straight line shot back to NB. It was nearly a perfect day for paddling with light southeast winds and very little swell. It was probably as close to flat water as it gets on the ocean.

Paddling in conditions like today presents the perfect opportunity to work on technique and pace. There were no distractions from winds or choppy seas that interfered with the basic practice of maintaining an efficient stroke. My personal goal is to try and paddle at four mph. Hopefully at some point in the future I can paddle faster at the same physical exertion level due to improved fitness and improved paddling technique.

Dave and I were talking about that and we both agree that paddling is similar to a golf swing or bat swing in baseball or the swinging of a tennis racket. It gets better with practice and coaching so we're gonna look around for a coach. He's got a couple people in mind.

But coaching or not, it's hard not to like the place we're working out.

New Brighton Sewers Channel 6.6 Miler

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