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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Downwind Videos by Jeremy Riggs

Jeremy Riggs is producing what I think are the best downwind videos out there, from an instructional point of view, as well as entertainment. What I've found in learning this new SUP niche, is that the look and feel of a downwind run are very unique, especially when it comes to hooking into a glide or wave. In conventional surfing and wave riding, the rider always looks back at the wave when paddling for, and catching the wave. In downwinding, it doesn't help to look back. That's not how you catch the glides. You feel your way in and watch what's going on in front of you and to your right and left side...but mostly in front. You feel the tail lift under a bump and you watch as the nose drops down into the wave face and trough. Paddle to catch the wave. Ride it, watching the nose do it's thing either staying clear of the water in front or plowing into the next little bump in front of you, or turning your board to go left or right. Feel the loss of momentum as you lose the glide and wallow in the trough. Regain your forward motion by paddling a little and then getting into the next glide. Ironically I've had my best runs when I am most relaxed and not paddling like a mad man to catch the bumps.

Of course my comments are those of a neophyte downwinder so all I can say it get out there and do it! You'll be glad you did.

Paddle With Riggs

On the Stand Up Zone


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  1. well i would have to concur with you on Riggs taking over the the number one spot on the down winder vids, keeping in mind that he has been watching and learning for a few years now with the original guy, Billy Boyum. Jeremy had the camera mounts build right into the board which appears to work awesome. Something else to think about is that bullet he is ridding is 24" wide!!!! With S.I.C.'s rudder system he just drives that board around like a formula one race car able to steer in to any bump that he see's, unreal. He pass's any body he wants when he puts the hammer down, except Conner..who is wearing a shirt and a hat for the first time that i've ever seen and, check it out, no leash!!! good work Gary butch