G. Niblock on the L41 TipSUP Noserider. Photo: J. Chandler

Friday, December 26, 2008

Couple Christmas Wind Swells Blow Through

I was surprised by how fast the second, bigger, Christmas series of wind swells blew through the area. This morning's high tide waves were brawny compared to what the high tide usually does to the swell, and I was expecting the dropping tide to deliver some smaller but cleaner waves this afternoon. But it didn't happen. The bottom dropped out of the wave heights and what should have been shoulder high combers, deteriorated down to waist high, sectiony lines. But the real kicker was that yesterday's Christmas waves were accompanied by sharp northwest winds, i.e. offshores. Today those winds were southeasterly onshores.

The first wind swell, the Christmas Day surf, was from all reports bigger and better although it was a bit stormier. Both Joanna and Barry gave me a heads-up on the swell and said it was "good." So Santa was "good" to us after all.

Waves today were good enough to surf, but I've had three days of lower back spasms that have pretty much beached me for the duration. Plus, family is coming tomorrow and M said there was no way I was going surfing, getting hurt and NOT helping her tomorrow. Can't say as I blame her for that so I bowed to her greater wisdom...and authority.

Dave did a cool thing with his Angulo 10-2. He custom painted the top white. I think it looks great and the new white paint really makes it look sleek, more like the rocket that it is. It especially shows off the dropped rails.

For more on the tale of this swell check the CDIP Archives.

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