G. Niblock on the L41 TipSUP Noserider. Photo: J. Chandler

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Vacation Destination = Home

Paddled out into the last of the blast furnace wind and weather at 3:08PM. By the time I got out of the water at 5:15, the wind had changed direction 180 degrees and the temperature had dropped 16 degrees. Heat wave at the coast is over. Glad I got some.

Again, I just went to enjoy the warm weather and a relaxing paddle workout. And again I encountered some fun waves. Shot some pics of a contingent of wetsuit-less longboarders at Gdubs having a great time in the small, clean surf. Surfed by myself twice at Scimi's on my way up to, and back from, the Point. Grabbed a few at the Point and picked off a really nice (and surprising) set wave at TresEight's on the way back down coast. The downwind run from the Point back to Sarges was a fun, haul ass paddle, but as I paddled into Gdubs the wind did that one-eighty shift in a matter of moments...from down wind to head wind. Wow...what a difference.

The three-fin thruster set-up continues to work very well in the small waves and kelpy conditions. The Angulo custom continues to amaze as it nose rides so easily, even with the shallow draft fins. On one wave the tail broke loose for a quick second but when I eased off the nose it locked right back in. Very stable and no loss of speed or stability. Great board!

Apr 21, 2009 (Tu)
In: 1508
Out: 1720
AT= 84.7 - 68.2F
WT= 53F
Wx: Clear, hot and sunny
Tide: 1.0' Rising to 2.2'
Wind: Hot south westerlies at 1-10 mph changing to cool easterly winds at 1-7 mph
Sea Surface: Light to moderate wind ripples
10-0 Angulo EPS/Epoxy Custom SUP with Infinity Ottertail carbon fiber paddle
Fin set-up: Thruster with K2D2 4.75" center fin (fourth mark up from back) and Future Fiberglass YU (actual fin not shown)
Bathymetry: Rock reefs
Deep Water Swell and Wave Face Heights CDIP Archive
Buoy: NWS (Nearshore)
1500: 1.0 feet @ 10.5 W
1530: 1.0 feet @ 10.5 W (1 - 2 ft. faces)
1600: 1.0 feet @ 10.5 WNW
1630: 1.0 feet @ 13.3 SW (1 - 2 ft. faces)
1700: 1.0 feet @ 10.5 W
1730: 1.0 feet @ 10.5 W (1 - 2 ft. faces)

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