January 9, 2012 Photo: J. Chandler

Saturday, May 2, 2009

SUP Surfing and Shortboarding

I picked up my new "shortboard" (well short for me anyway) today over at Ward's shop. It came out really nice and I can hardly wait to take it surfing. Tomorrow early I hope. Thanks to the SUP world for the traction pad inspiration.

Also by way of inspiration, check out this video I first saw posted on John's blog. Obviously Luke Egan don't know shizzizzit, and can't surf either. (Ward told me that Luke is coaching Parko this year and he ain't doing too shabby on the world tour. He took two firsts in the first two contests of the year.)


  1. Looks nice. What are the dimensions?

  2. Hey Anony,

    The dims are 6-10 X 16" X 23" X 16" X 2 7/8". Yeah, BIG for a "shortboard". (We could call it a short hybrid and I'd be good with that.) The inspiration for this board came from my Angulo custom SUP and many of the other designs that have evolved so quickly since the first days of SUP several years ago. Basically, if the designers and shapers can make big dimension SUPs that surf like longboards and shortboards, why can't we make a shortboard with bigger dimensions that provides the necessary support, but surfs loose for an old guy like me? More on this in a future post. Check out Ward's blog at

    He makes some pretty and hard working boards.