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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Viva Mexico! Chapter 1 Surfing: Part 3 Mornings

Of the two weeks we stayed in Sayulita, I surfed nine sessions, mostly in Sayulita. But I also had a chance to surf El Anclote and La Caleta. Part 3 Mornings of this Chapter documents a smattering of morning sessions I surfed at Sayulita. Every day but two had surfable waves. For sure it wasn't the greatest surfing when it was small, but it was fun.

I'm a dawn patrol kinda guy and I particularly enjoy getting up early while it's still dark and the day is fresh and new. Without fail the wind blew offshore with every sunrise as regularly as the roosters crowed and the morning birds sang out. Almost every day the cloudless skies would free the rising sun to cloak me in a layer of sunlight as it crawled over the ridge at the south end of town. This welcome solar gain was gratefully received, especially when standing soaked from a wipeout. With morning air temps in the mid-60's, the ocean at 74 or 75 degrees felt like bath water. Back at home, before I left for Sayulita, I had removed my two mil short john from my suitcase, thinking I wouldn't need it. Wrong. It would have come in handy for all those dawn patrol sessions, and I won't make that mistake next time. It wasn't super uncomfortable, but rash guard and board shorts when soaking wet and standing in an offshore wind don't cut it. But as soon as the sun did shine, life was even better and my comfort level rose dramatically.

Starting off every day with a morning surf was like the icing. After that, the rest of the day was all cake.

Viva Mexico Chapter 1 Surfing Part 3 Mornings from Srfnff on Vimeo.

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