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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Viva Mexico! Chapter 1 Surfing: Part 4 Lefts

Some would argue that the best wave in Sayulita is the left in front of the trailer park. I would agree with that if you added best "potential" wave, as I never really saw anything get really good, but the potential is definitely there.

The Sayulita River bisects the community between the downtown business district and the outlying restaurants, hotels, businesses and residences. During the "high" tourist season the water draining to the sea through the river is just a feeble stream, but during the wet season it can be a raging torrential flood that wipes out it's banks and bridges. Which is exactly what happened during the wet season of 2010. The rain and subsequent flow was so intense, it took out the bridge into town on the main thoroughfare, Avenida Revolucion, and undermined several buildings along the river banks, leaving them tilting precariously towards the flow. Although work on the new bridge seems nearly complete, the buildings still stand askew, mute testimony to the power of nature.

The gringo locals said that the powerful outflow moved tons of sand and boulders not only out the river mouth, but all along the alluvial fan created by the moving currents. They say this changed the waves some, but from what I could see in person vis a vis the videos of Sayulita on You Tube, it looks pretty much the same as in previous years. At any rate, for me not being goofy, I preferred the rights down the beach overall, but still the sweetest, cleanest walls were at the lefts. Always more inconsistent though. Added to that were the plethora of underwater rocks absolutely covered in razor sharp barnacles that put a half dozen bloody slices and avulsions on my feet and ankles as a result of surfing the left over the course of two weeks. (I brought tropical booties but couldn't force myself to wear them. I love surfing barefoot and my home waters only allow me to do this for half of the year.)

Here then are a handful of clips shot at the trailer park left at different times of the day.

Viva Mexico Chapter 1 Surfing Part 4 Lefts from Srfnff on Vimeo.

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