G. Niblock on the L41 TipSUP Noserider. Photo: J. Chandler

Friday, August 29, 2008

Michael Does SUP

I can always tell the ones who will pop right up, and go paddling off into the distance with me struggling to keep up. Michael was one of those. An accomplished surfer, they are the easiest ones to "teach."

And true to form, he popped right up, and went paddling off into the distance, heading for the pier, then Sarges, then GDubs and then the point. Hey Michael, wait for me! (Of course it doesn't hurt when he's on the Angulo Nui 11-9 SUP. A great beginners board and the one I always put first-timers on!)

The day started out foggy as we paddled out from C-Town Main, and then turned into a gorgeous, soft light, sunshine morning. Sea surface was smooth as glass. Waves were about the same as they've been all week. Surf was on the small side. No one out at Sarges and GDubs when we paddled through. One guy at Scimi's and then the usual crowd at the point.

On the way back to Main we stopped and chatted with Mike and Steve, who were on their SUPs dragging down a few knee snappers at Sarges. I had to speed paddle back to feed the meters, but I left Michael in good hands for some SUP surfing instructions from the boyz.

Out at 0900, Gayle's for coffee and goodies, then O'Neill's for the annual Labor Day sale in the warm sun shining. Did I say, Life is Good?


  1. Nice to see a photo of the town. I imagine others from around the world enjoyed it too. I've never been to the beaches of the west coast.

  2. Hey DW,

    I've been thinking about that very thing, about trying to include a few more land oriented shots of the local geography, town, places, etc...just to fill in a little bit more about the overall "feel" of where I surf and paddle, while keeping it in the journal format. That adds to the whole experience, yes? Thanks for the comment.