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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Gotta Go To Hawaii

Without a moment's hesitation I have selflessly agreed to chaperon my family on a trip to Waikiki, on the island paradise of Oahu. My main purpose (one to which I am uniquely suited) is to ensure that my aging mother-in-law does not trip over any errantly placed mai-tai umbrellas, and does not encounter a random tropical breeze that could displace her from her tender balance. Someone had to do it, it might as well be me! (And...there is even a small swell forecast to arrive the day after I deplane...Yowzahhh!)

So, beginning next week journaling will be from my island paradise, where by picture and mesmerizing wordsmithery I will recreate my sessions and mental aberrations from Publics, Queens, Threes and Fours and who knows, maybe even Makaha. And to top it off, concurrently with our trip are several events including Duke's Oceanfest, The World Tandem Surfing Championship and the first ever ASP sanctioned Roxy Jam Women's Longboard Championship. All this will inevitably ensure that being surrounded by a gaggle of world class wahines, I will be without doubt, the biggest kook in the water...well maybe not, there's all those tourists from Iowa after all.

Meanwhile surf here has been abysmally least in my neck of the woods. (Weather's been kill though with crisp, clean and clear mornings and warm, breezy afternoons that seamlessly fade into mellow evenings on the veranda.) Posted image here is of town surf at about about 6:30AM on the 15th, 16th, 17th and today. Just paste that same picture into each day for the last week and into the foreseeable future. Windswell is supposed to pick up tomorrow into next week. I think the main problem here is lack of sandbars. The beaches are the only game in town and for some reason this summer there just aren't very many sandbars producing decent walls. SoCal's been looking at least doable with zippers breaking off the jetties in Newport and an assortment of fun looking waves at Huntington and environs. Pray for surf, pray for peace.

Aloha, mahalo, respect and shaka bro!

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