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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Late, Cold, Winter's Comin'

I've been trying to post this August 9, 2007 report since, well, August 9th. Better late than never I guess.

We got some weak pulse off the south swell that was in the water. Surfed the 9' Harbour in small beach break that wasn't much but at least it was wet, good exercise and surfing is always fun...the funnest form of exercise there is I think. There were four out at two peaks when I suited up and by the time I got down to the beach all four were walking up the trail. So I got my pick of the peaks. I surfed the one further down and got 20 waves in an hour fifteen. Some surprising walls off some surprising A-frame glassy peaks. One other shorter came out later and surfed the other peak. Life was good...he got many waves too.

A large low pressure trough has parked itself over Central and Northern Cali for about the last week or so, lowering temps and making the inversion layer the king of the mountain. Last night it was 47 degrees. This morning when I woke up it was 48 degrees. To compare, in San Diego at the same time this morning it was 68 degrees. Every year in August that I can remember we've gotten this "winter preview." Just mother nature letting us know that winter is really on it's way.

Many are complaining that this has been the worst summer and maybe even year for surf in NorCal in years. That might be true. I've looked through my journal and gleaned the data for the last few years. Some surprising results...but that's for another post.
August 9, 2007 (Th)
In: 1000
1st Wave: 1005
Out: 1115
Wave count: 20
Wx: Marine layer overcast
Tide: Falling (4' to 3.8')
Wind: None to light onshore
Sea Surface: Glassy to light texture
Buoy: NWS
0900: 3 @ 14.3 S
1000: 3 @ 14.3 S
1100: 3.3 @ 13.8 S
1200: 3.3 @ 13.8 SSW
9' Harbour Wingpin with 9" HP fin
Beaches: Sand bars
Waves: 2' @ 16.3 Storm Surf Buoy Model

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