G. Niblock on the L41 TipSUP Noserider. Photo: J. Chandler

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Great Summer for Beginners

While the rest of us have been bummed, , depressed, frustrated, pissed, starved, skating, running, and participating in all sorts of alternative behaviors, I've got to admit this has been a great summer for neophytes. The surf has been so small, and so gentle that just about anyone can buy some lessons and venture out into the void for a fun packed frolic, filled with socializing and the mandatory hooting that is a hallmark of all surf schools. Cowell's, the default surf school line-up cum parking lot has been so flat that even the surf schools can't meet there. Consequently they are ubiquitous at the beach breaks. Whatever happened to learning how to surf on your own...with maybe one other buddy? Not happening I guess, it's always a case of bring your own crowd.

Well, so be it...another change that modern times and the incorporation/commercialization of surfing has wrought. Yeah, yeah I know...if it wasn't for the masses we wouldn't have tri-fins and super-flex wetsuits. Single fins and two piece suits weren't really all that bad though!

I need to save up for a SUP...

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