G. Niblock on the L41 TipSUP Noserider. Photo: J. Chandler

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Two Beautiful Mornings in A Row

Yesterday and today's sunrises were opposite. Wednesday morning was cloudy. The sky looked black and blue, bruised as low pressure moved across Norcal bringing light showers north of the Bay area. Today was clear, crisp and cold. Images depict today's look, before and after SUP session/surf/workout.

Met Mike out in the water. His brother John has a stand up paddleboard blog called Stand Up Paddle Surfing. We surfed Sarge's and GW's in the clean morning air. Not much in the way of waves but we both got some good ones before we paddled in. He and John do a SUP Baja trip that sounds pretty cool. Me and the wife might join them next summer.

Walking on water...hiking on the sea. Today's venture felt like my backpacking trips into the Sierras. It was sunny and cold with a steady offshore breeze keeping the flag on the end of the Cap Pier pointing out to sea. Paddling back to the pier I saw a large group of birds huddled together on the beach at Yellow House Cove. They suddenly broke into flight and I realized it was all pelicans. They circled overhead before setting down in the sea nearby. They joined another flock already floating and my guess is that there were 250 to 300 birds massed about 30 feet from me. Why they didn't all take off as I paddled by I don't know. Are they massing in preparation for the migratory flight down to Mexico? It's just another SUP perspective that you wouldn't get any other way but on a SUP.

Thank you is so GOOD!

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