G. Niblock on the L41 TipSUP Noserider. Photo: J. Chandler

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Will the Real Indian Summer Please Stand Up?

Michael and I went for a paddle this morning in the real deal...Indian Summer on the Central Coast. Everything was where it should be, all in it's place, all inviting, all for the pure enjoyment of this fleetingly special gift that is ours for a few days.

Launched at the Main Beach and paddled down to GDubs and back, with stops at Sarges for a couple waves. Michael on the new Angulo 11-11 to start, and then we swapped boards for the paddle back, me on the new model, he now on the 11-9. Lot's more rocker and life in the 11-11, it just felt more "lively" and responsive. It did not feel like a 12 foot board. This another leap forward for Angulo Designs big boards.

Took a turn around the big kelp bed at Main before gliding into the gentle shore laps and stepping off onto a groomed ramp of golden brown sand, just getting peopled with those lucky enough to have the day off mid-week. Parking places at noon? Must be off season.

Even with the uber-high tide, little lines were still showing. Portents of the coming fun.


  1. Looks nice out there. I finally broke out of work in time for an evening paddle tonight, but the tide had already shut things down at my end of town. The pulse was there, just too much H20.

  2. The 11-11 was one of my favorite boards at the board and paddle showcase. It was a prototype at the time but I don't think it changed too much. Definitely one of the best big boards out there.

  3. Hey Stoneaxe,

    You guys did a fantastic job, and do an incredible service to the stand up community with the showcase. Wow...what a load of work. Thanks for all the good stuff you and Bill do!

    (Just read an article in the latest Surfers Journal re wetsuits and cold water. Made me think of you all on the east coast. BBBrrrrrrr.....)