G. Niblock on the L41 TipSUP Noserider. Photo: J. Chandler

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Small Wind Swell Waves and More Ghost Buster

Christian let me keep the Ghost Buster for a while, primarily so I could take it to the shaping room when John shapes my version of the original mini-Simmons. So I couldn't resist riding it some more.

I would say that at least 50% of the waves I ride aren't what I would call "quality". Few surfers would ooh and aah over the weak energy wind swell, short ride waves that pour into the beaches or that even make it to the local reefs. But, unless it's completely flat (which it rarely is) you can have a board that will give you plenty of fun sessions in junky, small, mushy, not very good waves. You know the kind of waves I'm talking about. The ones where you see your buddy getting in the water as you're getting out. He says, "how was it?" You kind of laugh a bit and say, "it was fun." You know what I mean.

The mini-Simmons is perfect for every day surfing in small waves. Of course it will also work well in bigger and better waves, but when the surf gets better, one usually has more options, more boards to choose from. In smaller waves, thrusters aka chips tend not to work because of the lack of wave energy. Bigger boards are OK, like longboards and SUPs, but they aren't short boards. So you've still got a variety of boards to choose from, whether the waves are big or small. And make no mistake, the mini-Simmons provides a wave riding experience that is as differentiated from longboards, as longboards are from thrusters, as thrusters from SUPs and as SUPs from mini's or fish.

What I want out of this board is: a shortboard experience; a board that is fast in junk and mush or up to about a head high speedy wall; a board that paddles easily and floats me well; and a board that provides a stable platform to surf and to paddle. In the shortboard realm, the mini is it. Short and fat works.
July 21, 2009 (Tu)
In: 0825
Out: 0925
AT= Data not available
WT= 55.0F
Wx: Marine inversion overcast
Tide: 1.9'-3.0' Rising
Wind: Calm to light onshore
Sea Surface: Glassy to light wind ripples
6-0 Freeline (Mini-Simmons) Ghost Buster with twin glassed on keel fins
Bathymetry: Sand bars
Deep Water Swell and Wave Face Heights CDIP Archive
Buoy: NWS (Farshore*)
Time NDBC Data (approx.) CDIP Data
0700: 3.0 feet @ 9.1 NW (315 and 180) (1-2 ft. wave faces)
0800: 2.0 feet @ 12.9 S (310 and 170) (1-2 ft. wave faces)
0900: 2.0 feet @ 12.9 S () (1-2 ft. wave faces)
1000: 2.0 feet @ 12.9 SW () (1-2 ft. wave faces)


  1. Gary,
    You are digging deeper into your inner shortboarder. What better way to diffuse tensions among riders of bigger and smaller surf craft.


  2. Hey AG, you still in town? Interestingly riding the mini is a lot like riding a really fast longboard....60% of it that is. You'll dig it.

  3. Yep, I'm in town, sans fam. Looks like a fun ride, love to try it.