G. Niblock on the L41 TipSUP Noserider. Photo: J. Chandler

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Angulo Revolution/Evolution

Mash sent me some nice pics from Michael. I gotta get together with him and take some camera lessons. The Angulonians have a posse...or mafia...or movement...or something going. All I know is that I'm seeing more and more Angulos out in the water.

And not only that, joining the boyz this morning was Phil (the guy with the beard), who has to hold the record for the longest commute...from Lake Tahoe! Phil is the SUP man to see in Tahoe for
standup sales and rentals. So if you're headed up there and don't want to lug your SUP, you can rent one from Phil at Tahoe Paddle and Oar. Phil was "field testing" the Angulos for inclusion in his shop quiver. Probably a "business" trip. Man...some guys just know how to do it right!

And while we're talking business there's a couple nice shots of barely naked Andy from Ski Shop Santa Cruz, who is the man to see for Angulos in our area. Andy's got an email address on the Ski Shop website but I'd recommend calling for info. Andy can set you up to test drive and compare the three basic lengths of Angulo SUPs...the 10'4" Olohe (a surfin' machine and the board that I own), the 10'8" Beachboy (maybe the most perfect blend of surfing/paddling SUP ever made) and finally the USS Forrestal of the Angulo fleet, the 11'9" Nui, a long distance cruiser and SUP adventuring wave poacher that is also suitable for everyday use and the total definition of SUP fun. Rumor has it that Andy just returned from a trade show in SoCal where three additional Angulo SUPs were debuted in the Angulo line-up. I'll write about that more when I know more.

I love my 10'4" Olohe and I've traded boards out in the water with Mash on several occasions. He owns the 11'9" Nui. The Nui is so much fun and such a pleasant change of pace that I want one of those too! Such is life and the difficult decisions one must make...the Olohe?...the Nui?...Olohe?...Nui? How about both?! Little did I know when I got into this sport barely five weeks ago that I would need/want a SUP quiver!

Did I say this before? Life is Good!

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