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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Training Paddle #2 New Brighton to Pleasure Point RT

Thursday June 16, 2011

The anticipated but steep angled south swell #4 never showed up (there's a surprise) so the best alternative was to go paddling. My plan re this fitness paddling phase of my SUP life is to aim for a minimum of three fitness paddling sessions per week. Two long ones and a short one. The long ones would fall into the LSD category. Long Slow Distance. Great for overall cardio fitness and core strength training. The short paddle is more or less a sprint. But the idea is to mix LSD (aerobic) with pedal to the metal workouts (anaerobic) to develop long term stamina as well as speed. I'll mix it up to keep it from getting boring and see what happens.

New Brighton to PP RT

EveryTrail - Find the best Hiking in Forest of Nisene Marks State Park

The Every Trial tracking app gives me the ability to design a course with both distance and degree of difficulty in mind. It is a much more demanding workout to paddle in the open ocean than in flat water. So two paddles of equal distance, one in flat water nearshore and one in the rolling seas of the open ocean are not equal workouts. Downwind paddles in high winds are also much more demanding physically. At my point of fitness and skill, I can paddle vigorously and put all I've got into sprinting in flat water, but try that in choppy seas and I'd be falling off a lot. I love learning new stuff.

The Every Trail app malfunctioned on today's trip. It ended about a mile before I actually finished the paddle. This could have been my fault as I had some trouble getting the phone to respond in the Dry Case at the finish. I may have inadvertently stopped the app by accident. Whatever. Best practice in future will be to remove the camera from the Dry Case and stop it. Todays distance was more like 6.5 miles.

So far, the plan I envisioned and have implemented for distance/fitness paddling is working out. Since surfing is nature dependent one has a limited number of opportunities to paddle surf in the ocean. But as long as the ocean is there and the weather isn't adverse, I can get out and workout in the gym. God's Gym. Perfect!

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