G. Niblock on the Original SIMSUP S3. Photo: J. Chamberlain

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

COVEWATER - Norcal's First Fully Dedicated SUP Surf & Paddle Shop

I surprised Scot and his wife late on Memorial Day and got a tour of the shop as well as tons of info about Covewater, and a great look at the boards, paddles and accessories they carry. Scott also filled me in on the WPA sponsored Covewater Classic SUP race coming this July 15 and 16. This 20 minute interview covers just about everything you want to know about Covewater. Check it out and then drop in and see for yourself.

Covewater online and the Covewater Classic online. Covewater is located at 725 Water Street in Santa Cruz. Phone 'em at 831-600-7230.


  1. Thanks Gary. Went in there for the first time this weekend. I brought my 5 year old paddle, that always seemed too big, and put it up against the qb's. Turns out it has the surface area of a "110."

  2. So what's the verdict? Are you gonna go for a new paddle, try the Covewater QB demo...none of the above? Your thoughts appreciated.