G. Niblock on the L41 TipSUP Noserider. Photo: J. Chandler

Monday, April 21, 2008

Cold Spring Days

Water temp dipped into the sub-50 degree range this morning, settling at 49.3 degrees for the coldest water temps so far this year. Air temp at my usual surf spot(s) this morning was 37 degrees at 0730 hours.

The NW wind swell peaked on Saturday (12 feet at 12 seconds) with some pretty nice waves at the best spots, and some decent rides at the smaller locations. It was ultra crowded. White capping was severe but those breaks sheltered from the direct blow had waves all day. Sunday and today the swell is backing down. There is a small south swell (1.1 feet at 17 seconds from 205 degrees) currently in the water.

Waves are small this morning and the tide is minus early. There is no real energized swell in the water and things look small, small, small for the foreseeable future. There are a couple things of minor interest going on in the North and the South PAC, but in reality these weather events hold little promise for future waves of any significance at this time. But who knows, mother nature is always delivering on promises she doesn't make.


  1. I can verify the air/water temps were wicked cold yesterday. And the surf...well, not so hot either.

  2. I hear yah Jamiet! But it's amazing what can happen when those NW winds stop blowing. Water temp rose almost four degrees from 49 at 10AM to 53 by 1PM. Yeehah...let the good times roll...time for trunkin' it!

  3. I can tell you first hand that it's freakin cold! Been trunkin it since I can't find my wetsuit and the only relief comes when that beautiful sun shines down on me. Shine on me!

    Where have you been SRFNFF? We've been missing you. I got Mahi 1 back and I have to say that Ben is my favorite ding repair pro!

  4. Mashie,

    First, I can't believe you've been trunkin' it in this weather (you and MikeyB you maniacs!). Too cold for an old man like me. Reasons for my absence: surfin' the shortboard; flat surf; too damn cold; crowded weekends; and work on Mondays. Flimsy excuses I know.

    I'm going out with a SUP newbie Thursday morning. We're gonna meet at Freeline about 0930 and head somewhere. Call me if you're available and we'll hook up.

    Glad the Mahi 1 is RFA (ready for action).