G. Niblock on the L41 TipSUP Noserider. Photo: J. Chandler

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hot Weather Part 2 - Dual Sesh

Day started out waking up late and checking the buoys late (I didn't think the swell was going to show up until later in the day). 0600 farshore buoy data read 5.6 feet at 14.8 seconds WNW. What! Alright, I need to surf with the bro's anyway, I'm outta here.

Meet up, paddling out at 0720. Weak, tide too high, swell just not really doing it. MikeyB trunkin' it. (So what else is new? Da Polar Bear.) SUP for an hour, met Mo on his Kazuma, swapped boards (Thanks Mo!) Coffee after with the bro's, then they, off to work; me off to clean up the patio for the summer weather.

Weather: Hot (high temp at 11AM (81 degrees), offshores, awesome!

Second Sesh: Still-hot-air. Offshores whispering water warming. Trunked it in 2 mil spring suit, rash guard, boardshorts and hat. (John says I'm a pussy. I say, "Meow!") Met Greg on his 12' red Laird. He got the waves of the day at Sarges. Me and John move to GDubs after a while and get our best waves of the day. Insiders served up some multi-bowl lines.

It gets like this what? Six, seven days a year. I'll take all I can get! Water still cold. Can you say en nina?
May 15, 2008 (Th)
In: 0720 and 1412
Out: 0830 and 1630
AT= 59 to 72; and 73 to 75 degrees
WT= 51 and 53 degrees at the nearshore buoy
Wx: Sunny and hot with very light high clouds
Tide: 3.3 Rising to3.5 feet; and 1.23 Rising to 2.53
Wind: Calm to NNW at 3 mph: and Calm to Southwest at 2-4 mph
Sea Surface: Glassy to light wind ripples
Buoy: NWS
Sporadic buoy data
0600: 5.6 feet @ 14.8 WNW
0700: 5.2 feet @ 14.8 WNW
0800: 5.2 feet @ 14.8 WNW
1400: 4.9 feet @ 13.8 WNW
1500: 4.9 feet @ 12.9 WNW
1600: 4.6 feet @ 13.8 WNW
10'4" Angulo SUP with Infinity paddle
Fin set-up: Thruster with Bluecoil 5.5" center fin and FCS Occy sides
Bathymetry: Rock reefs
CDIP: 3.8 feet at 8 seconds from 325 degrees and 1.6 feet at 10 seconds from 235 degrees
and 4.3 feet at 12 seconds from 320 degrees and 1.8 feet at 8 seconds from 215 degrees


  1. Is that my brother out there snaking people??? Cheesh!

    Hey Gary yesterday's post with the weather charts was super cool and informative. I like that you circled the parts on the chart that were important- super cool.

  2. Re mash it wasn't anywhere near as bad as it looks. Anyway...he's still my favorite weazel!