G. Niblock on the L41 TipSUP Noserider. Photo: J. Chandler

Monday, May 12, 2008

Wx Warming; Possible New NW Swell

It's a sure thing for warmer temps this coming week. The NWS is forecasting 80 and 90 degree days starting midweek and extending into the weekend. Local winds are kicking up decent windswell waves and there is surf. A big blow for this time of year in the NPAC is kicking up some waves over a relatively small fetch which if it pans out, might arrive by the end of the work week. The SPAC looks pretty quiet. Tides have cycled back to highs and low going high for the dp. Therefore, with the hot weather coming, I'm thinking of trunkin' it in some warm and sunny midday paddle/surf sessions.

This time last year I wasn't yet into SUPing. Therefore I blogged a long (11-day) flat spell. Hot weather also invaded May 2007 and helped to create a "red tide" before the high temps faded into memory. I wouldn't be surprised to see another similar scenario this year, except that water temps are much colder this year compared to last (48/49 degrees this year, 51/52 last year).

Nevertheless, this year and this week, there will be some fun SUP paddling sessions and waves in primo Spring weather. Maybe even a down winder on Saturday if I can borrow a bigger board.

Note: The farshore buoy didn't even deliver any wave data last night or this morning. I expect complete failure at some point in the future. Therefore reliance on the nearshore buoy will become a fact of life. This buoy reads much smaller wave height and period data but when read with the correct perspective still delivers the goods.

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