G. Niblock on the L41 TipSUP Noserider. Photo: J. Chandler

Sunday, June 1, 2008

South Fails To Show

I woke up at 4AM yesterday morning to get ready to paddle out at first light for a few fun ones before class. It never happened...the waves that is.

For all intents and purposes, the south swell that I thought was going to deliver some small but fun waves, never materialized. Even though there was (and continues to be) a steady drumbeat of swell showing 1 feet @ 13 - 15 seconds SW on the nearshore buoy, the farshore buoy (which is still sporadic in it's output) has shown only one record of 3.6 feet at 16 seconds SSW in the last 24 hours. The Harvest Buoy has been showing steady one to two feet at 14 - 16 seconds S at each data point for the last 24 hours.

For now my thought is that there just isn't enough energy for the swell to make waves. Why would it show on the nearshore buoy which is more sheltered than the farshore buoy? I don't know. But this is what makes blogging and journaling interesting and fun...something to work on.

Perhaps, something will show later today or better yet, early tomorrow. I like anticipation.

Today marks the start of "meteorological" summer. For all sorts of other interesting facts about the weather click here...

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