G. Niblock on the L41 TipSUP Noserider. Photo: J. Chandler

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wind Swell Continues in Pristine Condtions

I made a true dawn patrol this morning, entering the water at 0520. To my surprise I was joined almost immediately by Marsha on her custom 9'6" Angulo SUP who out-paddled me to the line-up at GDubs. (She can surf that thing too!) We surfed there for an hour alone until she had to go to work. Then I surfed it for another half hour until Bill came out on his shortboard. Finally, after two hours I was ready to paddle back to the take out.

I caught a nice long wall to the inside which put me closer to Sarge's. But on the way, a big for this morning set came through and I stayed out. A few minutes later MikieB and Mash came out on their stand-ups and we surfed another hour at Sarge's. All together I was in the water, paddling and surfing for almost four hours.

Conditions were perfect. If there was any wind it blew lightly from offshore. The sea surface was glass with hardly any bump. Air temps were mellow even though the ocean is still cold. The only downside this morning was the immense amount of drift smoke from the Martin Fire. You could see it as a thin haze in the distance, and a light smell of burning forest was in the air.

The waves were a little smaller than yesterday and a bit more inconsistent, but not by a whole lot. Again Scimi's was cranking. Greg was out on his 10'10" Surftech just catching wave after wave after wave. GDubs was smaller and less consistent but still fun with a nice fast wall periodically. Mash, me and MikieB got our fair share at Sarge's too for a near perfect morning SUP surf.

The forecast south swell never made it into the area. These fun little waves the last few days have all been wind swell.
June 12, 2008 (Th)
In: 0520
Out: 0900
AT= 46 to 69 degrees
WT= 50-51 degrees at the nearshore buoy
Wx: Sunny with hazy skies from the drift smoke
Tide: 2.73 Rising to 3.14 at 7:10AM, Falling to 2.73 at 0900
Wind: Calm to 1-2 mph offshore
Sea Surface: Glassy
Buoy: NWS
0500: 6.9 feet @ 10 NW
0600: 7.9 feet @ 10.8 NW
0700: 8.5 feet @ 11.4 NW
0900: 7.5 feet @ 10.8 NW
10'4" Angulo SUP with Infinity paddle
Fin set-up: Thruster with Bluecoil 5.5" center fin and FCS Occy sides
Bathymetry: Rock reefs
CDIP: 5.9 feet at 9 seconds from 330 degrees and 1.5 feet at 14 seconds from 185 degrees

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