G. Niblock on the L41 TipSUP Noserider. Photo: J. Chandler

Monday, July 21, 2008

South A No Show

I was skeptical that we'd see much of this swell from the beginning. I thought we might see at least a little something though. But since I'm still stuck with this cold and sore throat, I slept in this morning, realizing that I could miss it. I didn't, 'cause it wasn't.

CDIP for SoCal at 0433 yesterday morning showed some very nice energy providing good waves for a while. The south was on the Harvest Buoy too, and it was only a matter of time before it actually showed up on the nearshore and farshore buoys. Numbers look pretty good on the farshore buoy, but for me the swell angle was suspect. Finally the nearshore buoy started registering the swell, but at very low energy.

My plan was to at least head down and take some pics when and if the waves arrived. A quick look at the cams was enough to show me not to bother. Better to pack it in at home, recover from this cold and hope for some wind swell driven olas later in the week.

Conditions aren't very good either with high temps in the high 50's/low 60's and water temps in the mid-50's. Overcast and gloominess have joined forces with the south to SE winds to make for some pretty miserable summer days. NWS is calling for the lifting of the 3,000 foot marine layer Tuesday afternoon as we head into some warmer weather mid-week

Since I had some downtime yesterday I web-surfed for hours and came across this really cool board created by Surf Prescription's Doc Lausch. It gives new meaning to the terms "surf art" and "wall hanger." He's got a pretty cool website too.


  1. Ya, I like the new look, too! It's clean and easy to read. Grab me sometime and I'll show you how to make it a little wider so you can cram more text next to your photos... or not ;) Missed you this morning, but you didn't miss anything. The water is warming up a bunch, the tide was low and getting lower, the kelp is growing faster than bamboo and the swell was just enough to tempt, but not enough to deliver... though I did pick off a few sets and left the water with that signature SUP smile.

  2. Hey Mashie that would be cool, I'd like a little more space to put text. Since I up-sized the photos the text got squeezed.

    I'm still fighting off this crap sucking cold, hoping I'll be wave-ready if things start to pick up later this week. I may try for Thursday morning wit da boyz. I'll trade you an organic donut and some green tea for the blog secrets.