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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Angulo Summer Super SUP Sale

For those of you fortunate to live somewhere near Santa Cruz CA, Andy over at Angulo Surf on River Street (map), is offering some great deals on the entire line (as long as the inventory holds out) of 2008 Angulo stand up paddleboards. Andy is making way for the 2009 Angulos, and that's why he's discounting the boards.

I've personally paddled and surfed the three boards in the Angulo line, and I know and surf and paddle with at least ten guys who own Angulos and we all really like our boards. All three models are high quality molded construction boards that will last, and they are designed by a master, Ed Angulo, so they work in the surf, on the river, the lake, for fishing , downwinders, diving...where ever and what ever.

And in addition, Andy's throwing a Kialoa paddle into the mix (also at a nice discount) to complete the summer package. You can choose any one of three styles of Kialoa: the Kole; Nalu, and everyone's current rave, the Shaka Pu'u. Dave Chun makes Kialoa paddles, and if you want a lot of info check out Evan's interviews with Dave about paddle technique, performance etc. Click here for more...

But don't take my word for all this, my advice is always "try before you buy!" You can demo the boards by simply calling Andy and setting something up. Oh yeah, here's the prices.

Angulo 10'4" Olohe $1200. Kialoa paddle $300. (This is the board I have.)
Angulo 10'8" Beachboy $1400. Kialoa paddle $300.
Angulo 11'9" Nui. Call and ask, I'm not sure he has any left. Kialoa paddle $300. (This is the board that won mega-kudos at Pono Bill's Ke Nalu Paddleboard Showcase on Maui this year.)

So don't say I didn't give you a hot tip. You can reach Andy at 831-419-1091. And here's another hint, don't be afraid to bargain a little. Who knows, you might be able to sweeten the deal.

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