G. Niblock on the L41 TipSUP Noserider. Photo: J. Chandler

Saturday, July 12, 2008

WhaSUP Eric?

Another dyed in the wool performance longboard, quad fish ridin' surf charger flipped over to the dark side. My friend Eric and I went out for a paddle this morning in the gloom. He on his brand new Angulo 10'4" Olohe and me on mine. Parking at C-town we launched off the beach and made the 10 minute paddle to GDubs in 20 minutes chatting SUP stuff all the way and enjoying the hoards of diving pelicans fishing for breakfast; the playful seals diving and splashing; and the cautious but curious sea otters checking us out.

We arrived at the empty spot to what looked like no waves, and in a couple minutes were paddling for bumps no one but us SUP folk could catch (and getting long ride rides into the beach too). Six guys out at Scimi's and us getting wave after wave in the waveless cove. It just don't seem right...ain't this like stealing? Jus' poachin'.

We had to head back before the wheel chair parking meter patrol arrived on scene, so we made a casual paddle back, under the pier, and back to the beach for take out. Breakfast at Zeldas.

It's my opinion that people like Eric have the shortest SUP learning curve. A long time surfer who both shortboard and longboards, Eric already knows what it's like to balance standing on a surfboard, and to surf. The Olohe 10'4" is the perfect SUP for Eric who goes around 170 pounds and is in great shape. By the time we paddled out he already had a couple hours logged on the board from a previous session. Today he caught a bunch of waves and didn't even fall off once on the paddle over and back. In short, for a novice stand up paddler/surfer, he ripped.

Welcome brother's OK to laydown paddle. You just probably won't want to.

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