G. Niblock on the L41 TipSUP Noserider. Photo: J. Chandler

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Day After Christmas

The Christmas day swell didn't last long. One big bang and it was gone. I was jonesing for a morning session so paddled out early into a beautiful dawn. A set came through while I was paddling out which made me glad. I paddled over to Gdubs and spent an hour and a half catching sporadic waist high waves by myself. It was cold this morning and I was in full rubber, gloves, booties and hood. I stayed out until the tide moved the take-off zone into the ubiquitous kelp bed.

The new paddle and paddling technique is going well. The twist at the hip and reach with the high hand (while keeping the paddle shaft as vertical as possible, i.e. "stacking the hands") short stroke works amazingly well and I am able to hold a straight line and paddle on the same side for many more strokes. I like the versatility of the otter tail blade, it really shines with a high repetition stroke cadence. But I can dig deep too and use a more leisurely, slower stroke when desired or needed. The high rep cadence can wear you right out but it's good to use in exiting the surf line asap. Then you can "stroll" back out to the line-up with a slower rep, deeper draw stroke.
December 26, 2007 (W)
In: 0715
1st Wave: n/a
Out: 0845
Wave count: n/a
AT= 40 - 48 degrees
WT= 53 degrees at the farshore buoy
Wx: Sunny and clear
Tide: 3.54 Rising to 4.82
Wind: W to to calm to NNE at 2 mph
Sea Surface: Glassy to offshore wind ripples
Buoy: NWS
0600:6.6 @ 13.8 NW
0700: 5.2 @ 12.9 WNW
0800: 6.9 @ 13.8 WNW
0900: 6.9 @ 12.9 NW
10'4" Angulo SUP with Infinity paddle
Rock reefs
Waves: 3' @ 13 seconds (Nearshore buoy approx. ave.) Storm Surf Buoy Model


  1. hey, gary: so...i've pretty much decided on getting an infinity. wow, that didn't take long! anyway, i left you a message on the Zone about paddle length; that and fiberglass vs carbon shaft are the two variables for me to decide on. from what you know now, and if both shafts cost the same, would you still go w/ fiberglass, maybe for the extra flex?
    thanks for any further thoughts you might have ....

  2. Hey linter
    Glad you left me a note because I think if I had to do it over again I would buy the carbon fiber instead of fiberglass. I'm spoiled by how light my Kialoa CF paddle is so I'd just pay a little extra and get the Infinity in carbon fiber. I'm really glad Steve didn't have the wood paddle in my size because wood weighs a lot more than either fiberglass or CF and I know I would have wanted lighter rather than heavier.

    Re shaft length you can always go shorter if it's too long. I like the longer shaft and am real happy with 82".

    The otter tail blade does take a little getting used to but the more I use it the more I like it. I wouldn't leave home without it.

    After you've had a chance to use your new Infinity for a while let me know what you think.

    Say hi to Steve for me.

  3. well, i just emailed steve about buying a paddle. i'm still conflicted about shaft material. steve has previously emailed me that he prefers the springability of the 'glass paddle but acknowledges that the carbon one is noticeably lighter. what to do ... what to do ... i dunno. but hey i want to thank you for getting me into this fine new-paddle mess. i'd been thinking about it for a while but your reports have made me really want to take the leap. bueno!

  4. linter
    Thanks for reminding me...that's something I forgot to mention, and that is that I didn't notice a big difference in flexibility or "springability" between the fiberglass and the cf. The most notable difference to me in the paddle shaft is the shape between the Kialoa cf and the Infinity fiberglass. The fiberglass is thicker and round, the cf has less circumference and is elliptical. But that may just be the difference between the two manufacturers. Ask Steve about that and consider if it might make a difference to you. It didn't to me even though I didn't know about it until after the purchase.

    As for the mess your in...anything I can do to help (heh-heh)...

  5. gary: steve *strongly* recommended the 'glass shaft and further noted that with the 6.5" blade the weight diff was miminal. actually, here's exactly what he said (wrote): "THE 6.5" BLADE IS FAIRLY LIGHT, SO ON THE FIBERGLASS SHAFT, THE OVER ALL
    WEIGHT ISN'T BAD. I PREFER THE MORE FLEXABLE GLASS SHAFT OVER THE STIFF CARBON FIBER, SO I WOULD GET THE CHEAPER GLASS SHAFT." so i guess that's what i'm gonna do. could it be that his carbon isn't as light as the kialoa's carbon?

  6. linter
    If that advice came from Steve then I would take it. (So I guess I'm glad I got the fiberglass after all!) And yes, I think the weight difference must be in the manufacturers specs or build. Thanks and keep me posted...Happy New Year too!

  7. steve sez the paddle is in the mail. i will keep you posted ... thanks again for your help.