G. Niblock on the L41 TipSUP Noserider. Photo: J. Chandler

Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Eve Early AM Session

Paddled out early into an incredible sunrise. Only one other guy out at Gdubs, and he left after half an hour, giving me plenty of chest to occasionally head high solo waves for the next forty-five minutes. The bigger waves were holding up much better over the inside reefs than the small waves which were closing out in the kelp beds. I stuck two late take-offs for nice drops in fast sections. That felt good.

High pressure over the Great Basin is producing strong easterly offshore winds that are creating lots of small wind waves in between the longer interval waves that are being generated by the winds further out in the NE Pacific. Still, there are a lot of fun waves that remain rideable. Scimi's was crowded, even early in the 30 degree weather, but there were some great waves to be had there this morning.

I took Michael D out this afternoon for his first SUP session and it was tough. The east wind has not relented all day long and the sea surface was very bumpy with small wind waves. He did well for his first session and is looking forward to future sessions. Go Michael!
December 31, 2007 (M)
In: 0714
1st Wave: n/a
Out: 0915
Wave count: n/a
AT= 35 - 46 degrees
WT= 53 degrees at the farshore buoy
Wx: Sunny and clear
Tide: 3.6 Falling to 1.9
Wind: Calm to East/ENE at 4 mph
Sea Surface: Mildly bumpy with nearshore wind waves
Buoy: NWS
0600: 11.5 @ 13.8 NW
0700: 10.8 @ 13.8 NW
0800: 10.8 @ 12.9 NW
0900: 11.5 @ 13.8 NW
10'4" Angulo SUP with Infinity paddle
Rock reefs
Waves: 6' @ 13 seconds (Nearshore buoy approx. ave.) Storm Surf Buoy Model

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