G. Niblock on the L41 TipSUP Noserider. Photo: J. Chandler

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

All Paddle; Still Play

The waves today were the smallest it's been since we took Leo SUPing on December 16. Definitely the calm before the storm. The weather is holding (not for long), nice and warm. I figured it was a good day for a long paddle, a coastal cruise. I swapped out my Infinity surfing paddle for the Kialoa Kole with the 9.5" blade. I definitely noticed the difference and enjoyed the lightness of the carbon fiber as well as the more substantial catch and stroke. Great for slow cadence stroking and cruising while keeping up the momentum (glide) with less energy expenditure.

I launched from a popular point beachbreak and headed toward Holy Cross. I turned around at Punta Negra and headed back for the point and beyond, and whatever came my way. The sea surface was rolling, with the easterly wind swell still active. The east wind was blowing too and I didn't really feel it on the downwind run to Negra. But it was in my face all the way back until I rounded the point, then it let up.

Water visibility today was even better than yesterday. I was looking down into 20 feet of clear blue/green water. Sea stars, anemones, rock fish, a ray, and kelp stalks tied to the rock reefs below were only a few items in the visual feast. It's such a trip to be paddling over the places you usually surf, and to see every feature, nook and cranny of the bottom contour. Bathymetry. It really becomes obvious when you're looking right at it. The view from the SUP is remarkable.

Only a handful of laydown surfers out this morning. With the lowering tide, the few but usual peaks that were breaking with the small swell were jacking up and lip launching the unsuspecting and unprepared. I paddled all along the point breaks, enjoying the view to shore, to sea and under my feet. I was having such a good time that I lost track of time...always a mystical pleasure.

By the time I headed back the east wind had become the south wind and was in my face again. The swell was slowly picking up in advance of the inevitable, strong storm winds. I had been on the water, moving non-stop for two hours. What a workout!
January 2, 2008 (W)
In: 1008
1st Wave: n/a
Out: Noon
Wave count: n/a
AT= 55 - 56 degrees
WT= 52 degrees at the farshore buoy
Wx: Mostly sunny with advancing storm cloud cover
Tide: 2.0 Falling to .9
Wind: ENE at 1 mph to South @ 2 mph
Sea Surface: Rolling with mottled wind chatter
Buoy: NWS
1000: 3.3 @ 16 WNW
1100: 3.6 @ 17.4 WNW
1200: 3.6 @ 16 WNW
1300: 3.6 @ 16 WNW
10'4" Angulo SUP with Kialoa Kole paddle
Rock reefs
Waves: 1.7' @ 14 seconds (Nearshore buoy approx. ave.) Storm Surf Buoy Model


  1. Hey Gary,

    Sounds like a monster paddle! Cool to hear you hopped on the Stamps- give her some time, treat her right and she'll return the favor.

    Picking up my new one on Friday. Looking good!

  2. John
    It's so much fun getting to ride different SUP's. It just doesn't happen that often, because we don't get the opportunity to try different boards. But like Mash said, he can hardly wait to get the Mahi Verde into some 3 to 6 foot waves for a real test ride.

    Thanks again for the Greenough cutaway. I'm looking forward to trying it out with the Angulo, but also I think it will work really well in the Mahi. My feeling is that the Mahi is a noserider extraordinaire. I think the Greenough will give it the stability it needs to maintain tip time on our long, point break walls.

    Dude! When are we going to see your formerly Nyquiled arse up here?