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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Doldruminous; Ho-Huminous - Let's Cross Train!

Unless your forte is a vehicular coastal search or your special knowledge has you dialed into that secret uber-high tide mysto wave, downtime is the current name of the game. Since I surf almost exclusively in town with excursions to the local beachies nearby, this current lull gives me opportunity to live my "other" life that is not usurped by the Mr. Hyde like neurotic obsession with wave riding.

Time now to pay the bills, expand my consciousness with productive reading (currently Reinhold Niebuhr, "The Essential Reinhold Niebuhr"), actually become a member of my family again, and of course never falling too far from the tree, cross-train.

Current regimen: Qi Gong in the morning (an excellent dynamic stretch and overall physical health inducer), afternoon walks on the beach with M, and evening Bowflex strength training. As my SUPS (Stand Up Paddle Surfing) skills improve, I've begun pushing the physical envelope a bit more, stressing and thus necessitating the strengthening of those muscles most used in SUPS. A big change over prone surfing is the leg strength component that is essential for more performance oriented SUPS. This has added an additional dimension to my fitness training and, once realized and addressed, has been a pleasant change in that all change is not necessarily pleasant.

For overall physical fitness, SUPS has it over prone surfing two to one. I'm currently looking for a poster size pic of the posted image here that I can frame and hang on the wall in my home gym, directly opposite my Bowflex. When I am straining to pump out that last set of leg extensions, and the burn is on, I can think..." why I am doing this."

Postscript - Not that I'd ever SUPS Chopes (Heaven forbid)'s just always good to aim high!

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